Amazing Space, Inc.

AMAZING SPACE, INC. is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched in helping create a less stressful and clutter-free environment. Attention to detail and eye for creating useful space where there was none, ensures an enjoyable and freeing experience.

AMAZING SPACE, INC. is proud to offer a wide array of organizing and painting services, including:

  • Photo/Document Scanning:  scans all photos and other documents onto USB flash drive, external hard drive or disc for sharing and safe keeping

  • Bedroom Organization:  assist in determining what, if anything, is to be discarded, donated or sold; creating permanent homes for all items remaining in the bedroom for easy retrieval

  • Closet Organizing:  clothing, pantry, linen; sorting through clothing and other closet items to determine which items no longer serve you and need to be discarded, donated or sold; cleaning inside closets; organizing and creating easy access to all remaining items

  • Home Office :  equipment, furniture, paper; organizing your furniture and office equipment creating the most efficient access to your workspace; organizing important paperwork where everything can be located instantly

  • Kitchen Cabinets and Medicine Cabinets:  empty out one cabinet at a time; discarding, donating or selling items never utilized or no longer needed and discarding all expired items; cleaning inside cabinets and replacing all remaining items,  grouping like items together

  • Basements / Attics / Garages:  assist in determining which items are no longer needed or wanted; donate, sell or discard; organize all remaining valuables for easy access

  • Relocation:  Packing / Unpacking:  assist in discarding all unwanted items prior to your move; either donating, selling or hauling away; carefully packing all items being sent to your new location; carefully unpack all items at your new location and creating permanent, sensible homes for easy access and retrieval; 

  • if you are listing your home to sell and need small touch-ups around the home to help it show better, we can help;  we can also paint your new home prior to moving in

  • Painting:  any rooms or closets in the home that you feel needs freshening up will be performed meticulously, including garage, basement and attic


Alice Cassidy
(732) 637-8602
Freehold, NJ 07728

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